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My name is Tsitsi Musasike and I personally welcome you to Moneynomics: The Art and Science of Creating Wealth.
Did you know that only 3% of the world’s population will retire financially free? Will you be one of them?

This website has been created in honour of all financially successful people and will be used as a learning tool for achieving financial success. My passion is in sharing with you the tools that successful people have used to achieve financial success and how you too can apply the same techniques to empower yourself and achieve success in your life. Moneynomics: The Art and Science of Creating Wealth looks at how anyone who is struggling financially can get out of the rut.


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Creating Wealth is about changing habits and doing things differently, it is about discipline and the commitment to the consistent application of principles that have worked for the rich and famous. Moneynomics: The Art and Science of Creating Wealth will help you to understand these principles and assist you in applying to your long term benefit.
Theo Vorster,
Co-founder & CEO of Galileo Capital

Moneynomics: The Art and Science of Creating Wealth is a call to action.  On aggregate the majority of people are extremely lax when it comes to providing for retirement, with the result that many reach their retirement age not having a sufficient “pot of gold” to sustain them for the rest of their lives. The book makes one pause and rethink the importance of taking control of one’s financial destiny and illustrates that financial freedom is possible for one and all and not reserved for an elite few. The building block to achieving financial freedom is one’s choice and so is the decision to actively do something about it.
Roger Spence,
Principal Executive Officer: Development Bank of Southern Africa Provident Fund

In a world characterized by skyrocketing costs of living, runaway inflation and economic melt-down mostpeople have found themselves squeezed between debt and a hard place. Moneynomics: The Art and Science of Creating Wealth has never come in so handy. It is a wealth creation and management handbook. It gives you tips on how to address the challenges of not having enough money to be able to save and how you can make your money work for you in order to create wealth.  
Petronilla Muriuki,
Author of Have your cake and eat it too

Moneynomics: The Art and Science of Creating Wealth is filled with practical tips for wealth creation.  It emphasises the importance of taking charge by living within one’s means and personal budgeting.      
Shirley Anthony,
Business Owner and Author