Moneynomics: The Art and Science of Creating Wealth by Tsitsi Musasike

Are you educated, employed and work hard every day but can barely make ends meet, with credit cards maxed out and waiting for the next pay cheque?  Do you find that there is always a lot of month left at the end of the money?

Moneynomics: The Art and Science of Creating Wealth is a wealth creation and management handbook.  It shows you the practical steps that you can apply in managing your personal finances in order get out of debt, create wealth, live the life you deserve and retire financially free. It gives you practical tools you can start applying and sets you off on your wealth creation journey.

Principles for Success

Successful people share 5 key characteristics.

  • A definite purpose
  • A creative vision of mind
  • A positive mental attitude
  • They budget both time and money
  • They take action

Creating wealth through proper management of personal finances

    • Have a budget
    • Stick to it
    • Live within your means
    • Save

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Creating wealth through a successful business

    • Find a niche product or niche market
    • Product must address a gap in the market and make a difference to the consumer
    • Provide a new product, a better product or a cheaper product
    • It is always better to re-engineer an existing product
    • Design a product that deals with the day-to-day nuisances and make life more convenient for the consumer
    • Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit is required
    • Have fun – you are most likely to succeed in a business that you are passionate about
    • Every business has a social responsibility

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Creating wealth through investing in property

    • You need multiple streams of a passive income to be financially free
    • Investment in property provides a passive income stream
    • Trading in property creates short term gains based on location
    • Key markets: gap housing market and student accommodation
    • A property investment club offers members a tried and tested system

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Creating wealth through trading in the financial markets

    • You have no excuse not to get involved
    • You do not need massive capital
    • Identify an affordable and trustworthy broker
    • You too can get involved, but you need to get started
    • Financial markets are transparent and open 24/7, 365 days a year

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Publish a book and grow rich

    • Everyone has a story to tell
    • A book is an excellent marketing tool
    • It positions you as a subject matter expert

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Bullet Proof Retirement

    • How to save for retirement
    • How to invest for retirement
    • How to retire financially free

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But wealth is not an end in itself…

…it is a means through which one can do good to create an environment that one is proud of.


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